What is Qualifying?2019-03-06T13:24:55-06:00

Qualifying is the apartment’s way of determining whether you are the type of tenant they are looking for. It encompasses your ability to pay rent, your character and your track record of being a responsible tenant.

  1. Typically student housing (individual leased apartments) and conventional (“normal”) apartments require the rent to make 3 times the rent amount.
  2. Tax Credit (Section 8) typically requires you make either 2 or 2.5 times the rent amount but have a ceiling where you cannot exceed a certain amount of income based on the number of people living in the unit.
  3. Properties generally take anywhere from your last 4-8 weeks’ worth of pay stubs but can sometimes work with offer letters, financial aid, and various types of income such as GI bill, social security, etc.
  4. Some properties use a score based system in which anything under 600 may require a guarantor (again this varies case by case).  Others use a positive/negative system where you need more good credit than bad credit.
  5. Some apartments require at least 6 months or 1 year of rental history to qualify on your own, otherwise you need a guarantor. There are others who will work with 1st time renters.
  6. “Red flags” such as broken leases, evictions, misdemeanors, felonies, etc. will limit the amount of options available but there are apartments that will work with them. Typically the renter will have to pay a higher deposit.
Renting with Cosigners / Guarantors2019-03-06T13:24:16-06:00

Most renters have heard of the term ‘cosigner’, however what most first time renters have in San Antonio are actually ‘guarantors’. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Depending on the property, guarantors need to make anywhere from 3-6 times the monthly rent amount.
  2. Guarantors also need to have good credit and a clean background, they are screened just like the prospective renter.
  3. Guarantors can only assist in the instance you make less than the income requirement. Guarantors can’t help with bad credit or criminal background issues.
Renting with Pets2019-03-06T13:23:32-06:00

Renting with pets can be tricky.  Every apartment’s pet policy is different, but here are some of the important things to be aware of:

  1. Monthly pet rent is typically $0 – $15 per pet.
  2. There are often pet fees (which you don’t get back) and pet deposits (refundable at end of your lease minus damages).
  3. Some apartments don’t take pets at all,  but if they do, most weight limits kick in at 30lbs and go up in increments. A select few apartments have no weight limits.
  4. While there are some exceptions, most apartments do not take aggressive breed dogs.
  5. The general rule of thumb is no more than 2 pets per household.
Does every person qualify for your rentals?2019-03-06T13:20:58-06:00

Each property management group or community sets their own qualifying criteriae. This can include certain income requirements or restrictions on pets, occupants, etc. While we don’t set these criteria and cannot negotiate them, we can help steer clients toward properties that may fit for them.

Note: None of our current properties are accepting felonies or bankruptcies.

Why use Apartment Finder SA instead of Craigslist to search for San Antonio area apartments?2019-03-06T13:19:13-06:00

Vita Locators has more than 600 active properties and thousands of available rentals. With Apartment Finder SA you can view or search properties, starting prices, qualifying criteria and amenities.

If I work with you, am I limited to only a few properties?2019-03-06T13:17:42-06:00

Not at all! We know almost all of the apartment communities in the San Antonio area, and we will make sure that we give you every property that fits your needs.

Are you based locally and can you provide other information on San Antonio?2019-03-06T13:16:47-06:00

Yes, we are absolutely based locally! We are very familiar with San Antonio and its surrounding cities and can provide all kinds of great information about neighborhoods and school districts in addition to restaurant, shopping, and entertainment recommendations!

How are your services free?2019-03-06T13:14:39-06:00

We are commission based and the apartments cover the cost of our services when we refer new tenants to their property.

When should I start looking for an apartment?2019-03-06T13:14:21-06:00

The best time to begin your search is about two to three months before you are looking to move in by.  Apartments usually require a 60 day notice from their current tenants and they will not know what will be available until they receive one. ​​

What are the benefits of using a locator?2019-03-06T13:13:52-06:00
  1. We send you a list of properties that match exactly what you are looking for so you do not waste your time with properties that do not. (Ex: too high in price, do not have washer and dryer connections, no pool, etc…)
  2. Our lists are extremely detailed. They include pictures, floor plans, pricing, amenities, fees, pet policies, school districts and much more.
  3. We are knowledgeable about the San Antonio area and can help you navigate the city and offer valuable information.
  4. Some properties offer specials, not available to everyone, that we can pass on to you.